Giveaway Time! Zero Turn Radius Mower Up For Grabs


We have another giveaway competition here at Saul's Restaurant, thanks to our friends at Home & GardenHome & Garden, it's a brand new zero turn radius mower. Our friends over at have been nice enough to help us choose this week's prize.

This is because they have recently covered the topic of zero turn mower reviews and know the in depth knowledge of which are the best ZTR mowers on the market. These mowers are a stand out in the industry for their efficiency and time savings compared to the other mowers on the market. If you compare using a push mower to a ride on mower, the differences in time to mow your lawn is phenomenal. This is because using a ride on mower allows you to move much faster around your yard and cut the grass at a more even level. Furthermore, ride on mowers can save you the pain and aches of having to push a mower around. This can cause injury to your back and legs over time if you have to regularly mow the lawn.

The mower we are referring to here will be a larger 52 inch cutting deck, so you will need to be sure that it fits through all of your gates and can access your yard without troubles. Some people often shop for a small size cutting deck to ensure that can access the small areas of their yard. The main difference too is in the speed of the mower. The larger cutting decks mean the mower is often equipped with a larger engine to navigate the mower around the yard. The larger engine will result in a fast mowing experience. The two main engine makers are Briggs & Stratton and Kohler. These two brands produce powerhouse engines for a majority of mowers in the industry. Both for zero turn radius mowers as well as your standard ride on mower.

While we are on the topic of standard ride on mowers vs zero turn mowers, lets take a moment to analyze the difference. The main advantage of the ZTR mowers is their ability to handle tight turns and maneuver around obstacles with ease in your garden. The standard ride on mower will take a few turns to be able to cut all that surrounding grass. The only issue arising from this is the unique steering system of the ZTR mowers that offer two handlebars at the front where the driver pushes the right and left handle bar according to which direction they want the mower to turn. If you push both at the same time, then the mower moves forward in a straight line.