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Recliner for Christmas

Is there a better feeling than being absolutely stuffed from eating all that delicious Christmas food before crashing out on the recliner.

What to cook and how to prepare and cook the food can be very difficult come Christmas time. So today I want to help make this a little easier with my step by step plan to conquering the Christmas cook.

However, before moving onto the Christmas cook, let's make sure that your reclining chair is the right one for you. It's important to look out for a few key features when choosing a recliner. To start with, what is the material that the manufacturer decided to use? If the answer is not leather, then be sure to check the enduring condition of such a material. It would be advisable to look for something that is stain proof and water resistant as we all know how easy it is to spill that drink when relaxing on the sofa.

The next important point is to check whether it is a manual or digitally controlled recliner. By this I mean does it need you to rotate a lever to initiate the reclining function or can it lean back on a press of the button. For elderly users this feature can be very important, as some reclining levers are often hard to use or take time to wear in correctly. Elderly users also look for a recliner which can then lift them out of the chair after a long session of sitting. Some more expensive recliners offer this ability and ease the pain on joints when lifting yourself out of the chair.

Now lets move onto my three easy steps to prepare for your Christmas dinner:

  • Ensure you buy non-perishables and long-shelf life items, like chocolates.
  • Buy all your fresh food at about two or three days before Christmas.
  • Be sure to give time to defrost your turkey.

There you have it, hope these pieces of small advice help and good luck over the holiday period!